CUA30120 Certificate III in Dance

CUA30320 Certificate III in Assistant Dance Teaching

At Dance Force we offer two Part Time Training options with a Certificate III in Dance or a Certificte III in Assistant Dance Teaching delivered in partnership with Empowerdance RTO 40397. These courses run on Fridays from 8am – 3:30pm. 

Part Time offers a dynamic introduction to both full time training and the dance industry, providing students with a comprehensive foundation. Held on Fridays, this course accommodates students still in high school, allowing them to pursue their passion while completing their academic commitments. Whether you’re aspiring to elevate your dance skills or harboring dreams of a professional dance career, this course is the ideal starting point.

Enrolling in the Certificate III Part Time course while in high school not only fosters skill development but also allows students to earn credits toward their High School Certificate, enhancing their academic journey.

Our Cert III Part Time course is designed for immersive learning, with 90% of the curriculum dedicated to practical, in-studio experiences. Students engage regularly with Dance Force teachers and guest choreographers, who also collaborate with our Full Time and elite students, providing a rich and diverse learning environment.

At the core of this program is a focus on refining technique and honing choreography skills. A significant number of our part time students have progressed to complete Full Time courses, achieving success in securing opportunities within the industry. 

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Our Part Time students share the stage with our High School Academy students in an exhilarating end-of-year graduation held on the Gold Coast.

This unique performance opportunity in a professional theater setting not only marks a celebratory culmination of their hard work but also offers invaluable visibility and exposure.

This experience instills confidence, camaraderie, and a real-world understanding of the performance dynamics, preparing our students for the exciting prospects that lie ahead.

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