Discover a unique alternative to mainstream schooling at Dance Force Academy, where our focus is on delivering a program of excellence to ensure each student reaches their full potential.

Why choose Dance Force Academy?

Not every student thrives in a traditional school setting, especially those with a passion for dance and creative thinking. At Dance Force Academy, we welcome individuals, providing a supportive environment where each student can excel in both academic studies and dance.

Our Academy students receive daily training from leading professionals, ensuring a well-rounded education. With a dedicated teacher overseeing all students, we seamlessly integrate with your Distance Education program. Students also benefit from learning under Australia’s top choreographers, enhancing their dance skills and artistic expression.

Director Nicole Wells is personally invested in every student’s success. With a genuine passion for her work, Nicole ensures that Dance Force Academy students receive:

      • Exclusive access to teachers
      • Flexibility for additional training at other studios after school
      • Exposure to a team of industry professionals
      • Weekly visits from interstate teachers and choreographers
      • Goal-setting workshops to guide personal and academic growth
      • A caring and nurturing environment
      • Unlimited afternoon classes


At the end of the year, our Academy students are celebrated for their achievements and are given the chance to showcase their skills in a special graduation event held on the Gold Coast.

This unique performance opportunity in a professional theatre setting not only marks a celebratory culmination of their hard work but also offers invaluable visibility and exposure.

This experience instills confidence, camaraderie, and a real-world understanding of the performance dynamics, preparing our students for the exciting prospects that lie ahead.

Dance Force Recreational Classes


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